View all of the products made by Extang from hard & soft bed covers to LED bed lights & tonneau cleaner.

Founded in 1982, Extang continues to lead the truck bed cover industry with innovation, quality products, and customer support. “Extang Engineered” began when our values and integrity met bold engineering; it also defines Extang’s dedication to providing superior products.

“Extang offers several different tri-folding tonneau covers.  The Trifecta 2.0 is the latest release in our soft folding covers lineup, offering a host of new features while remaining easy to install and use. The Solid Fold 2.0, hard folding truck bed cover, provides ultimate weather protection while remaining easy to install and use.“

Every product offered in the Extang brand is built with pride in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Extang BlackMaxSoft Roll-Up - Snaps Extang BlackMax
Starting at $269 - $299
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Extang e-MaxSoft Tri-Fold Extang e-Max
Starting at $469
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Extang FullTiltSoft Hinged and Roll-Up Extang FullTilt
Starting at $429 - $499
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Extang Tuff TonnoSoft Vinyl - Snapless Extang Tuff Tonno
Starting at $289 - $319
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