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This hinged tonneau is as easy to use as it is heavy duty. Designed to be able to be removed by one person, without tools in just moments.

The FullTilt can be rolled up to the cab for carrying large cargo or can be completely removed. The gas shocks are designed for easy removal, by hand, using a ball joint snap release. No tools required! Then you simply lift the tonneau at the hinge, lift up and it will disconnect allowing you to move the light cover off of the truck.

  • Hinged at cab rail for FullTilt action. Gull-wing latches secure tonneau without restricting cargo space
  • Perfectly sewn, tight fitting tarp with anti-curl corners allows for extremely good looks in all weather conditions
  • Gas shocks are designed to be easily removed by hand using a ball and joint snap release. No tools needed
  • Quick release hinge design allows entire tonneau to be instantly lifted and removed from frame with no tools
  • TuffKlamps offer two bow height positions. HIGH for performance, LOW for cold weather climates


Please feel free to make use of the Extang FullTili Tonneau Cover installation instructions below to assist you with the installation. Upon purchase you’ll receive vehicle specific instructions. However, if you have further questions or need technical assistance, please call one of our knowledgeable installation experts at 800-877-2588.


The Extang FullTilt Snap carries a lifetime warranty against defective materials or workmanship on all truck bed cover rails, aluminum components, clamps, bows, hardware. And a 10-year warranty against defective materials or workmanship on the vinyl covering.


How easy is it to take the Full Tilt cover off?
The cover can either be unsnapped and rolled to the cab, or the entire cover with side, cab and tail rail can be removed as one piece.

Will the full Tilt work with a drop-in bed liner that goes over the bed rails?
This tonneau will work as long as the bed liner is an under-the-rail bed liner.

I live in a region that gets a lot of snow. Can the Full Tilt hold the snow without bending or stretching?
Yes, however we recommend that you remove the snow from your tonneau just as often as you remove the snow from your windshield.

I live in a region that is very hot. Will the Full Tilt fabric fade in the sun?
No, however it is recommended that you apply Tonno Tonic to the vinyl fabric.

How do I adjust the tension on my Full Tilt tonneau cover?
The sliding rail snaps can be reversed for either the tighter or looser position. Or, you can adjust the bow positions to the higher clamp position (to tighten the tarp) or the bottom clamp position (to loosen the tarp).

How far above or below the rail does the Full Tilt sit?
It sits 1 inch above the rail.

What is the warranty?
10 years on the vinyl cover and lifetime on the frame/components.


65 Total
Jason H.
1986 Dodge D150
5 / 5
1 January 2021
I have had close to a dozen Extang covers. They have always been awesome. Thank you please keep up the great work.
martin H.
2019 Ram 1500 Classic
5 / 5
4 July 2020
by far the best cover ever
Douglas T.
2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
5 / 5
1 March 2020
I had the same cover on my 1991 Ford F150 for the last 16 years and it was just as good when I sold the truck as it was new. A very well made cover. Very easy to install.
Kim L.
5 / 5
22 February 2020
Richard S.
2019 Ram 1500 Classic
5 / 5
2 February 2020
I put a Full Tilt on my last truck and after 11 years it was still in near perfect condition. When it was time to buy a cover for my new truck it was a no brainer. I loved the convenience of the full tilt and it proved itself to be long lasting. As a bonus, the new one has some great improvements and features compared to the old one.
John D.
2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
5 / 5
12 July 2019
this is my 4th extang fulltilt bed cover
Michael G.
2019 Nissan Frontier
5 / 5
1 June 2019
This is my second extang full tilt, had one on 2002 frontier kept that truck and tonno for 17 years. Loved the truck and your tonno, for the way is used the truck it worked great!
Tim H.
2019 Chevrolet Colorado
5 / 5
14 May 2019
Very easy to install
Amy M.
2017 Ram 1500
5 / 5
10 April 2019
Had a fulltilt on my last truck … 13 years and still worked great.. That's why I bought another for the new truck...
Arthur S.
2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
5 / 5
4 July 2018
Great Product, 3rd one bought, easy Install, Great Quality, Fairly Priced.
Anthony S.
2018 Chevrolet Colorado
5 / 5
26 March 2018
Full Tilt box arrived in good condition with the exception of a small hole in the middle of the box. Two of the small Allen bolts for L brackets were missing. I'll contact customer service for replacements. This is my second full tilt cover and have been very pleased with the results. Well made and long lasting.
Jeffrey G S.
( Liverpool, NY )
5 / 5
14 July 2017
Very nice and extremely well made and rigid. The only issue I had was the struts would not stay connected. However after contacting the company they quickly sent me replacement struts and they work just fine. Thanks for the fast and courteous service with that issue. Well done!
Bradley S.
( Loveland, CO )
5 / 5
11 July 2017
Am impressed with the cover. It is everything I expected.
George F.
( Carson City, NV )
5 / 5
25 May 2017
Well designed cover. Very well engineered.
Giorgio B.
( Bel Air, MD )
5 / 5
13 May 2017
the tilt feature is the best part of this cover. it is super easy to access the bed of the truck even with items that extend above the bed rails by a bit. shipping can be a pit of a problem. some parts tend to get damaged, but once you get all that taken care of the install is fairly simple and, the look is awesome and it will last you for quite some time. I recommend it.