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The Tuff Tonno features smooth edges with tarp-tightening rotating rear rail and spring-loaded bows. The new rotating rear-end rail is engineered for an easier fit and tighter, better looks. SpringLock bows are simple to install and they won't fall off at any speed.

Get a clean, smooth look with the world's strongest tarp attachment peel and seal strip edging system. The original Tuff Tonno even set a world speed record at Indy and now holds a place in the Indy Hall of Fame.

  • Our "peel and seal" no-snaps edge is the worlds strongest tarp attachment. This design adds a clean, snapless edge
  • Tarp is pre-attached to tail rail for a quick open or close. Rail easily rolls up inside tarp when securing at the cab for bulk handling
  • TuffKlamps offer two bow height positions. HIGH for performance, LOW for cold weather climates
  • Perfectly sewn, tight fitting tarp with anti-curl corners. Allows for extremely good look in all weather conditions
  • Tarp can be easily rolled up and secured with strong, convenient hook and loop fastener straps. Keeps tarp secure while driving


Please feel free to make use of the Extang TuffTonno Truck Bed Cover installation instructions below to assist you with the installation. Upon purchase you’ll receive vehicle specific instructions. However, if you have further questions or need technical assistance, please call one of our knowledgeable installation experts at 800-877-2588.


The Extang Tuff Tonno carries a three-year warranty against defective materials or workmanship on all tonneau rails, aluminum components, clamps, bows, hardware.


How easy is it to remove the Tuff Tonno cover?
The vinyl cover can be rolled up at the cab and secured with the Velcro straps under the cab rail. You can simply remove the cab rail to fully remove the cover from the bed.

Will the Tuff Tonno work with a drop in bed liner that goes over the bed rails?
Yes. If the liner attaches over the side of the bed, you will need to notch the liner to accommodate the clamps. The clamps must be flush against the metal of the truck.

I live in a region that gets a lot of heavy snow. Will Tuff Tonno hold the snow without bending or stretching?
Yes, however we recommend that you remove the snow from your tonneau just as often as you remove the snow from your windshield.

I live in a region that is very hot. Will the Tuff Tonno fabric fade in the sun?
No, however it is recommended that you apply Tonno Tonic to the vinyl fabric.

I have a truck with a utility track system in the bed. Can I still use a Tuff Tonno?
Yes, the tonneau clamps will mount under the side rails.

Will the Tuff Tonno work in the winter as well as in the summer?
Yes, the Tuff Tonno comes equipped with a rotating tail rail, which allows for easy tarp installation and removal.

Will the Tuff Tonno work with my other Truck Accessories?
Unfortunately, some aftermarket truck accessories can interfere with the installation of this tonneau. You may want to contact our customer service team to confirm that it will work with your specific accessories.

How far above or below the rail does the Tuff Tonno sit?
The rails sit about 1" above the rails.

Can I drive with my Tuff Tonno opened?
Yes, as long as the vinyl cover is rolled up and secured at the cab (with the Velcro straps).

Do I need to drill my truck when I install my Tuff Tonno?
No, the Tuff Tonno is a no drill/no damage installation. All parts required to perform the installation are included in the box.

How long does it take to install a Tuff Tonno Cover?
Not long, at all. 20-30 minutes max.

What is the warranty?
The Tuff Tonno warranty is 10 years against the vinyl tarp and lifetime against the frame/components.


156 Total
Esther C.
2012 Nissan Frontier
5 / 5
31 July 2021
I am so happy. I just love my cover
Larry A.
2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
5 / 5
2 June 2021
Have used Extang Tonno covers on all my pickups. I have purchased 5 covers.
Michael M.
5 / 5
9 April 2021
Cover It Up
Looks good on my sons Sonoma truck. Easy to install.
James M.
5 / 5
1 April 2021
Best customer service
Outstanding customer experience
Matthew K.
2020 Ford F-150
5 / 5
18 January 2021
So easy to install, and so secure. Thank you!
Tammy M.
2016 Ram 1500
5 / 5
14 January 2021
So far great! Easy 5 min installation
Nancy L.
2018 Nissan Titan
5 / 5
11 December 2020
Love this cover
Alva R.
2018 GMC Canyon
5 / 5
28 November 2020
Easy installation. Lightweight. Sturdy.
James M.
2012 Ford F-150
5 / 5
18 November 2020
Fit perfectly, easy to install. Should have purchased years ago!
Brad S.
2004 Toyota Tundra
5 / 5
30 October 2020
Very good buy
Timothy G.
2020 Toyota Tundra
5 / 5
30 October 2020
Great product at a great price
Dennis Z.
2015 Ford F-150
5 / 5
26 October 2020
The cover could be a little longer, From the front of the bed to the tailgate, it just barely reaches. I have concerns about good seals to prevent water leakage.
David M.
2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
5 / 5
22 October 2020
I have an auto drop gate that will not work with cover secured, if somehow it was not as tight it would allow for easier open.
Robert M.
1993 Ford F-150
5 / 5
13 October 2020
Was happy to find a bed cover for such a unique vehicle. This bed cover was easy to install with "NO" drilling. Looks great on this 1993 Ford Flareside full size truck.
Jeff S.
2020 Ford F-150
5 / 5
1 October 2020
Installed within 30 minutes.