Garage Mat

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If you do some of your best work on your back and knees, a Husky Liner Garage Mat is what you need. Made from a plush yet ultra-tough foam material, the Garage mat is stain, oil and chemical resistant—it can take whatever you throw at it. Use it as a pad to kneel on or as a lightweight creeper to keep your britches comfortable and clean while you work.

Soft like carpet. Tough like polypropylene.
TuffKnap has the look and feel of carpet, but is made from an ultra-tough 100% polypropylene material. The result is a product that protects your britches and your knees, while standing up to whatever you can throw at it: from battery acid to oil--even bleach.

Store it. Stow it.
The Garage Mat folds down into a compact two foot square. Store it in your garage or throw it in your truck, you'll hardly notice its there until ya need it.

Wash away your worries.
Made of foam similar to what's used in life jackets, so it won't absorb water, nor will it mold or mildew. Just clean it with a hose, power washer or vacuum—good as new.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA.
We pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. Need we say more?


Guaranteed...FOR LIFE.
When we say it's "guaranteed for life" that is exactly what we mean. No hassles, no guff. If you have a problem, we'll replace it. Capeesh?


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Peggy K.
5 / 5
2 August 2019
I love it.
Handy,lightweight, compact for storing, versatile and makes working on cement or ground so much easier on the knees and long enough for my torso.