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Protect your truck with a precision fit Heavy Duty Bed Mat from Husky Liners. Made from our rubberized DuraGrip HD™ material, the Bed Mat is built to be used and abused. Whether you're hauling old gym lockers or a new credenza for the den the Heavy Duty Bed Mat will guard against scratches, scuffs or shifting around in transit. Plus, unlike other rubbery mats that smell like rubber tires and solvent, the Heavy Duty Bed Mat is odorless.

Tough enough for your truck. Soft enough for your cargo.
The rubberized DuraGrip HD surface is tough enough to protect your truck bed from damage or dings, yet soft enough to protect your cargo from scratches or shifting around in transit. Plus, it's resistant to most chemicals.

No more slip and slide.
The DuraGrip HD™ Anti-skid surface grips on to your cargo and keeps it from shifting around.

Trapped moisture be damned.
To keep moisture from getting trapped between the bed and mat, the Heavy-Duty Bed Mat has Air Dry Nibs which slightly elevate it—allowing air to pass through and dry moisture out. Kind of like those hand driers in your favorite truck stop bathroom, only better.

Ixnay on the smell-ay.
Most rubber bed mats smell like rubber tires and solvent. Husky Liners Heavy-Duty Bed Mats smell like a hint of nothing with a splash of delightful.

No tools required.
The Heavy-Duty Bed Mat can be installed or removed in just seconds. Simply drop it in or pull it out depending upon your needs.

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