Rugged Net Pocket

Rear side storage pockets to keep small items from sliding around. 

Key Details

Starting at $18Find a Dealer
Brand Rugged Liner
Model Rugged Pocket Net
Finish Red
Mounting In Bedliner
Extras Works with Rugged Pocket Net Bedliners Only
Avg. Install Time 5 Minutes
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Product Features

  • Secure Cargo Rugged Liner Net Pockets are containment nets for rear storage pockets keeping smaller items from sliding around.

LIMITATIONS: The warranty shall apply if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The Rugged Liner Bedliner warranty is for as long as the original owner owns his/her truck with proof of purchase.
  2. Liner must be properly installed.Liner must not be modified.
  3. Consequential damages, as a result of an accident is not covered.

(State and Provinces) - The warranty set forth above is exclusive and no other warranty whether written or oral, is expressed or implied. Some States and Provinces do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty may last, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY: Rust or damage as a result of normal movements of the Liner against the truck bed is not covered.


  1. A wet liner may be slippery. Some examples of wet are rain, snow, frost, ice, mud etc.
  2. Improper installation of the liner may cause it to become airborne. Make sure your liner is secure before each trip.
  3. You should not transport pets on the liner.

WARNING: Fire and explosion Hazard! Static electricity can cause an explosion of flammable liquid, vapor or gas in any vehicle or trailer. To reduce serious injury or death when filling containers:

  1. Always place container on the ground before filling.
  2. Keep pump nozzle in contact with the container while filling it.
  3. Use only approved containers for flammable liquid.