Rugged HC3 Premium Hard Folding Truck Bed Cover

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Rugged Liner's HC3 Premium Hard Folding Cover features cab clamps with durable metal hooks, secondary mounting tethers, easy-to-use-rear latches, and resilient tiedown buckles in a convenient wholly assembled tri-fold design. This cover allows you to drive with your cover closed to protect cargo or open to haul extra-large cargo.

The HC3 Premium Hard Folding Cover provides incredible protection against water intrusion with its overlapping cab dust seal. OE-quality perimeter seal, and dual hinge deal technology. It also comes outfitted with two LED lights at the rear latches for maximum cargo visibility and accessibility.

  • Two cargo LED lights accessible at the latch pockets.
  • Resilient panels manufactured with aluminum skins and solid cores.
  • Easy on or off installation with minutes, plus easy to use rear latches.
  • Cab latches with metal hooks & Cab clamps feature a secondary mounting tether.
  • Overlapping cab dust seal to keep debris out.


Please feel free to make use of the HC3 Premium Hard Folding Truck Bed Cover installation instructions below to assist you with the installation.

If you have further questions or need technical assistance please call one of our knowledgeable installation experts at 1-800-433-3604 or send us a message and we will be happy to assist you.

Ford Sport Trac & Honda Ridgeline Guide


The HC3 Premium Hard Folding Truck Bed Cover has a 3 Year Limited Warranty. This warranty is to the original owner and is non-transferable. Rugged Liner makes every effort to assure that its products meet high quality and durability standards to the original retail consumer/purchaser of our products that each product be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

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Drive with the cover in the open or closed position


Resilient panels manufactured with aluminum skins and solid cores


Tailgate lock can provide additional security


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Jordan M.
2020 Honda Ridgeline
4 / 5
20 June 2020
packaging was in taters. Torn to pieces, im wondering if there are pieces missing. Definetly got dents and scratches. Need to take it to an installer in a couple days ,will find out soon.