Hard Black Tonneau Covers by Truck Hero

Hard tonneau covers provide impenetrable protection for your truck bed and the cargo you carry. Hard tonneau covers by the Truck Hero family of brands are available in a mutlitude of styles to fit your needs from work to every day life and anything in between. Our hard truck bed cover designs include: tri-fold, multi-panel folding, retractable, rolling, solid one-piece, and hinging.  

Retrax PowerTraxONEElectric - Retractable Retrax PowerTraxONE
Starting at $1,995 - $2,079
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RetraxONERetractable - Gloss Black RetraxONE
Starting at $1,259 - $1,317
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RetraxPRORetractable - Glossy Black RetraxPRO
Starting at $1,799 - $2,031
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