Roll-up Leather Grain Tonneau Covers by Truck Hero

View our selection of roll up tonneau covers, made to fit nearly every make and model of pickup truck out there. Roll-up truck bed covers conveniently roll all the way up to the cab of the truck, allowing for easy and full access to your truck bed. You can drive down the road with the cover rolled all the way up permitting a fully open truck bed or fully closed securing your cargo and keeping the elements out.

TruXedo Lo ProSoft Roll-Up - Low Profile TruXedo Lo Pro
Starting at $459 - $514
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TruXedo TruXportSoft Roll-Up TruXedo TruXport
Starting at $289 - $319
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BAK Revolver X2Hard Rolling Cover BAK Revolver X2
Starting at $830 - $970
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TruXedo EdgeSoft Roll-Up TruXedo Edge
Starting at $399 - $449
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