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Truck Hero Leads A new Era
In Bed Covers.

America’s best-selling truck bed covers. Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Discover Your Cover

Select how you use your truck below. We’ll help you find the truck bed cover that’s right for you.


I frequently haul large items and need the entire bed space.


I just need part of my truck bed to be open most of the time.


I haul things that would mostly fit under a bed cover. Removing it to haul big things occasionally is no big deal.


I just want my contents out of sight.


I keep my life back there.

Modern Design Truck Bed Cover - Undercover Flex

Modern Design

No matter how you use your truck, there’s a Truck Hero bed cover that’s right for you. Our latest designs and engineering have made truck bed covers easier than ever to use in a variety of different situations. So you can fold it, roll it, slide it, lift it or lock it, depending on your needs.

Easy to Operate Truck Bed Cover - Undercover LUX


Truck Hero bed covers are designed to work with you, not against you. Our bed covers open and close smoothly and easily with some covers that can even be operated with just one free hand.

Affordable Truck Bed Cover - Revolver X2


Truck Hero offers an array of bed cover options starting at just $289. And installation for many of these covers can be done quickly and easily at home with conventional tools.

Versatile Truck Bed Cover - BAK BAKFlip Fibermax


Truck Hero offers bed covers that not only keep the elements out, they allow you to put tall cargo in. Our rolling and folding bed covers leave your truck bed nearly 100% unobstructed when fully opened.

High Tech Material Truck Bed Cover - BAK BAKFlip G2


Obviously, the biggest reason you’re considering a bed cover is for cargo protection. Our lineup of truck bed covers is constructed from the highest quality materials to help protect your contents from the weather, theft and even impact damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Many of our independent dealers have demos on their showroom floor. Use our Find a Dealer function on our Website to find one close to you.

A: There aren't any bed covers on the market today that are 100% waterproof. We consider our covers weather tight and use application specific rubber seals to create superior sealing against water and dust. Our bed covers are built to be weather tight against normal rain and car washing situations.

A: Proudly in the U.S.A.

A: Installing a bed cover to your vehicle will help reduce aerodynamic drag and therefore improve MPG. Industry testing has shown gas mileage improvements of up to 10%, which means that bed covers essentially pay for themselves.

A: Yes, as long as the clamps are secured properly to the bed and the cover is secured with the buckles you can drive with the cover open.

A: Yes. Factor in the weight of your bed cover when determining your truck’s total payload weight.

A: No. Our bed covers are designed specifically to truck make, model, year and bed size.

A: Some of them are. However, it is not recommended.

A: All covers provide protection and security, deterring theft with the “out of sight, out of mind” concept. Excluding the traditional vinyl covers it is very difficult to break into a hard folding, rolling, or retractable cover.

A: No, we offer a wide variety of covers each with individual features; some of which have a locking mechanism, otherwise the bed cover is locked with the tailgate is locked.

A: No, the average installation for a retail customer usually takes 30 to 40 minutes or less (professional installation will take 10-15 minutes). Some covers will have everything you will need to perform the installation included in the box. Some covers will require small hand tools for installation in addition to the included parts.

A: No, as long as you follow the instruction to install the cover properly this will not void the warranty.

A: Yes. The warranty varies by truck bed cover brand and type.

A: We manufacture covers for a wide variety of trucks, some as old as 1960. You can use our application finder on each product to see if we make a cover for your truck.

A: Since we do not typically sell direct to consumers, you will want to refer to the individual dealer to get specific details on their shipping/return policy.

A: Yes, however there are a few additional steps needed to make our bed covers compatible with them. If you have an under-the-rail liner, you may need small rubber shims to help lift our bed cover over your tailgate protector. If you have an over- the-rail bed liner, you will need to notch your bed liner so our clamps can go through the liner and wrap around the lip of your truck bed. Detailed instructions are included with every kit.

A: Yes, most cover designs ensure that you always have full access to stake pockets.

A: Yes, most covers work with certain kinds of racks.

A: We offer some bed covers that are designed to work with existing toolbox. Please contact your local dealer to find out which cover will work best with your existing toolbox.

A: We recommend that our covers be cleaned with a mild soap, water and a medium bristle brush. Be careful as many vinyl conditioners (such as Armor All®) contain chemicals that can actually damage your cover. We also recommend Tonno Tonic and Pro-Tex, products we have designed specifically to clean and protect your vinyl truck bed covers.

A: Yes, automatic car washes are safe, however you will not want to select any type of wax treatment as the ingredients within the wax treatment could potentially harm the finish built into the cover.

A: Replacement parts are available directly from the manufacturer.

A: We do not recommend painting the cover as this will void the warranty.

A: No, as long as the cover is properly cared for you will not have to worry about the cover fading.

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