TruXedo Edge Truck Bed Covers

Starting at $399.00


For the truck owner requiring cutting-edge design and aerodynamics, Edge provides you with all you can handle. Its arched tailgate design streamlines your truck’s profile creating a very interesting look. Not only that, it goes on quickly with a no-drill installation and the manual tension control feature keeps your cover always looking great. Accessing your bed is simple too, Edge has a one-finger trigger latch that quickly and easily opens the cover. The Edge is made in the USA and is backed with a 5-year warranty.

  • Cutting Edge Design- Distinct arched tailgate design adds a stylish look that improves the appearance of any truck.
  • Simple Operation- Anodized single trigger latch requires only one finger to open the cover. Roll the cover closed with ease to securely store and secure your cargo.
  • Stake Pocket Access- The cover mounts to the inside of the truck bed providing stake pocket access for additional truck customization.
  • Adjustable Tension Control - Easily accessible and adjustable, helps your cover to always look its best.
  • Quality Leather Grain Fabric- Industrial-grade leather-grain fabric is constructed to help protect your cargo from the harshest of elements.


Please feel free to make use of the TruXedo Edge Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Cover installation instructions below to assist you with the installation of your TruXedo Edge Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Cover. You will find printed installation instructions to help guide you through the simple process.


TruXedo, Inc. warrants that all new products are free from defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is effective if the product is properly installed and used for the purpose intended and applies to the original buyer only. TruXedo, Inc.’s obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair, or at its option, replacement of any part returned, transportation prepaid, to TruXedo, Inc., Yankton, SD, if the product is, in our judgment, defective.


How do I care for my vinyl tonneau cover?
The vinyl fabric on your tonneau cover can be cleaned with mild soap and water, and may be hand washed or safely cleaned in the car wash of your choice. Thoroughly rinse cover to remove any soap residue. Vinyl cover can be treated with any vinyl protectants made for tonneau covers. Never clean cover with petroleum or citrus-based products, and avoid silicone based protectants. We now offer Pro-Tex™ soft tonneau protectant spray to clean, preserve and protect your soft tonneau.

How do I adjust the tension on my tonneau cover?
Set tension during warmest part of day. With cover closed, release hook and loop fasteners from both side rails near cab. Roll cover opened and rotate tension controls to adjust. Close cover and recheck. Repeat until satisfactory tension is achieved.

I have a toolbox on my truck already? Can I still get a Edge to fit on my truck?
The Edge tonneau cover cannot be custom made to fit with an existing toolbox.

Will the Edge work with my other truck accessories?
Yes! The unique inside mount design of the Edge rails enables you to accessorize with most bed rails, bed liners, and rail caps.

Can I lock the Edge?
The Edge secures automatically when latched at the rear, and provides added security when used with a locking tailgate. It can not be opened until the tailgate is unlocked and opened. There are no additional locks or sliding mechanisms needed to lock the cover.

Will the Edge work in the winter as well as in the summer?
The Edge fabric expands slightly in cold weather, so it is very easy to operate – even at 20 degrees below zero! There are no cumbersome snaps or zip-strips to hassle with – no more tugging on the fabric to get it snapped. Just roll it back and latch into place. Then slide your hand along the sides to engage the Velcro® brand fasteners on the sides. For more detailed operation instructions, see the Operation page on the website.

Will the Edge work with a 5th wheel?
Yes! Simply roll the cover all the way open and secure with security straps at the front of the bed. This allows you full access to your 5th wheel.

Can I still open my tailgate with the Edge on my truck?
Yes – the Edge does not restrict the tailgate. The rear header functions independently of the tailgate so there is nothing to remove when opening the tailgate.

Does the Edge come in different colors?
The Edge fabric is available in black only.

I live in a region that is very hot. Will the Edge fabric fade in the sun?
The fabric used in the Edge is very high quality and has been tested in extreme conditions. It is UV-protected and will not fade in the sun.

I would like to install the Edge myself. How long will it take to install it myself?
Typically, the Edge can be installed easily in minutes! For detailed installation instructions, see the Edge owner’s manual

Where can I order replacement parts for my TruXedo Edge?
Only replacement part orders can go directly through TruXedo by calling 1-877-878-9336 or filling out the Contact Us form.

Why is there a hole punched on the rear of the passenger side rail of the TruXedo® Edge, but no latch present?
The reason the rails are all punched the same way is to keep them uniform, for manufacturing efficiency and to reduce tooling costs. By doing this, we are able to keep manufacturing time down to get you your orders faster and also to keep the price of our products lower.

Where do I find the serial number on my Edge?
Roll the cover to the cab of the truck, the serial number can be found on a silver sticker attached to the front aluminum bar, on the driver side.


Easily accessible and adjustable, helps your cover to always look its best.


Industrial-grade leather-grain fabric is constructed to help protect your cargo from the harshest of elements.


Anodized single trigger latch requires only one finger to open the cover. Roll the cover closed with ease to securely store and secure your cargo.


145 Total
Shawn C.
2018 Ram 2500
5 / 5
15 September 2020
Looks great on my truck
Craig J.
2019 Ford F-150
5 / 5
12 July 2020
Great quality closes tight
2020 Ford F-150
5 / 5
6 July 2020
Love these so much this is the 3rd truck we've bought one for!
Ralf B.
2019 Ford F-150
5 / 5
6 July 2020
We are a 3 truck family and we all have this same truck tonneau cover!
Leta B.
2019 Ford F-150
5 / 5
13 June 2020
Very easy to install very quick and good quality.
rob w.
2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
5 / 5
29 May 2020
I had an edge on my 2014 silverado and loved it. had to upgrade to fit the new body style when I got my 2020 silverado. great product.
Marisa R.
2020 Ford F-150
5 / 5
22 May 2020
Bummed that we missed out on the sale by a couple of days cross shopping covers, but still happy with our purchase. We had a used 2011 F-150 before this one, and that truck came with a truxedo cover on it already. Years old, and still in great shape. Was happy enough with that one, that we decided to buy another rather than take a chance on something less expensive.
Josh W.
1999 Chevrolet S10
5 / 5
18 May 2020
Great Dealer Service
Samuel J.
2006 Dodge Ram 2500
5 / 5
12 May 2020
Nice cover
Todd G.
2016 Ford F-150
5 / 5
30 April 2020
I’m replacing a Truxsport. Even though the price was the same as the Edge, I like the look and the features of the Edge better. Nice cover!