RidgeLander Cable Lock
RidgeLander Cable Lock

Cable Lock for RidgeLander

Starting at $75.05


The Cable Lock for RidgeLander is a locking cable that attaches to the Vortex Bars of your RidgeLander cover. The Cable Lock is made from plastic-sheathed intertwined steel cords for added strength. Includes a set of two keys just in case you misplace one.

  • Constructed of plastic-sheathed intertwined steel cords.
  • Includes two keys.


3 Total
Barbara R.
2019 Chevrolet Colorado
5 / 5
7 March 2020
Looks great on my truck.
Frederick N.
2019 Toyota Tundra
5 / 5
3 September 2019
I had a friend purchase one a year ago and I wanted one and finally purchase one for my vehicle.
Rodolfo I.
4.5 / 5
27 February 2020
There were some significant fitment issues. Was able to resolve quickly, but only because I stock metal pieces for quick fab work.