RidgeLander Eye Bolt Kit
RidgeLander Eye Bolt Kit

Pioneer Eye Bolt Kit for RidgeLander

Starting at $33.25


The Pioneer Eye Bolt Kit for RidgeLander is designed to carry heavy loads on your Pioneer Tray. Create secure tie-down points along the length of your system to make transporting your gear easier. The kit will fit all size Pioneer Trays and works directly with the Sportz Ratchet Grab for RidgeLander.

  • Kit includes 2 eyebolts and is quick and simple to set up with a few twists.
  • Attaches to all Rhino-Rack Pioneer Trays, Elevations and Platforms, easily with twist to lock action.
  • Made from anti-corrosive galvanized steel so won't rust.
  • Creates a tie-down point along the length of the pioneer channels.

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