Ridgelander Truck Bed Covers

Starting at $1,648.00


Designed with the weekends in mind, the RidgeLander from UnderCover is the most dynamic truck bed cover to hit the market. A built-in perimeter track system on the top of the bed cover allows for unique, personal customization. Each RidgeLander comes standard with the RidgeLander bed cover, four Quick Mount Legs, two Vortex Bars, and the Tango Track System and with over 35 RidgeLander Approved Rhino Rack accessories the possibilities are endless.

The RidgeLander will work with most T-slot accessories from Rhino Rack, Yakima and many more. Roof Top Tents can also be used with the RidgeLander with the support of a third crossbar for weight distribution purposes. The RidgeLander comes equipped with a single point locking system, built-in multifaceted weather seals to help keep the elements out of the truck bed, and is backed by a 3-year warranty.

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction with a Textured Powder-Coat Finish
  • Integrated T-Slot Track System for Cargo Management
  • Includes Four Rhino Rack Quick Mount Legs and Two Vortex Bars
  • Easy to Take Off & Put Back On. No-Drill Installation
  • Made in the USA


Please feel free to make use of the Undercover Ridgelander installation instructions below to assist you. Upon purchase you’ll receive vehicle specific instructions. However, if you have further questions or need technical assistance, please call one of our knowledgeable installation experts at 866-900-800.


The UnderCover RidgeLander carries a 3-year warranty.


Can I use products from companies other than Rhino Rack?
Yes. The RidgeLander crossbars are compatible with T-Slot accessories from Yakima, Thule and others.

How long will it take to install this cover?
Install time usually takes around one hour.

What is the weight rating for the RidgeLander?
The RidgeLander supports 250 lbs evenly distributed.

How easy is it to remove the RidgeLander?
The RidgeLander removes in minutes. Simply unscrew the spindle from the bracket and lift the cover off.

Can I raise the cover with cargo on top?
UnderCover recommends unloading all cargo before raising the cover. The tailgate can be opened and closed with the cover in the shut position.

Can I open the tailgate with the cover closed?
Yes. The RidgeLander rests on top of the tailgate for easy access to the bed when loaded.

How secure is the RidgeLander?
The RidgeLander has a top side lock that is only accessible by key.

How do I lock the RidgeLander if my truck does not have a tailgate lock?
The RidgeLander locks in place using rotary latches. The cover can be locked, but we recommend a tailgate lock to ensure your cargo is secure.

Is the RidgeLander waterproof?
The RidgeLander is weather resistant. Each cover boasts seals that rest on the bed caps to help keep water out, but there are gaps in the tailgate that may allow some moisture into the bed.

How do I change the batteries in my B-Light system?
Remove the battery pack/switch panel from the hook and loop attachment. Unscrew the screw and replace the batteries.

Tango Track System

The Tango Track System allows you to optimize your carrying capacity with or without the cover. With the cover removed, the Tango T-Slot channels will accommodate the included Vortex Bars and towers, as well as other RidgeLander accessories, providing endless possibilities and the ultimate versatility in cargo management.

Optimized Carrying Capacity

Virtually double the truck bed's carrying capacity with over 35+ validated accessories from Rhino Rack and Yakima.

Accessory Kits

Choose from four RidgeLander accessory combo kits to fit your lifestyle: Camping, Overland, Fishing/Skiing and Biking.


18 Total
Ronald P.
5 / 5
18 February 2020
Paint Matching Scheme to the 2020 Ford Ranger was Identical, looks seamless in color
Matt L.
2016 Chevrolet Colorado
5 / 5
12 January 2020
The cover looks great and works great so far. I love the quality. My only observation is that the seal at the tailgate needs to probably wrap all the way around on the corners because there is a small 3/8" gap on each side that water could enter. And there is a slight gap where it meets the top of the tailgate as well but only in one section.
justin n.
2019 Ram 1500
5 / 5
6 February 2019
mine didn't come with the tie down loops or vis rubber strip. if it wasn't supposed to come with those parts then it should. no sense have racks that I cant strap anything to!!!
William T.
( Toms River, NJ )
5 / 5
12 January 2018
great look, functional with the Rino rack, had to twerk install with minor adjustments, but once there all is good. getting many complements and inquiries on make and avalability. I highly recommend this cover. price is right in comparison to others in market. I like that not many have the rack option for a tornoue cover.
Nancy D.
( Knightdale, NC )
5 / 5
11 January 2018
Nice cover but more difficult than it should be to install.
I have had the cover for a month and like it a lot. That being said in looks department it would have been nice if it fit the counter of the outside of the bed, Not a major deal as it has a nice rugged look. The installation was a PITA for almost no reason. It's a little difficult to get the seal to lay down without pinching on each side. Nothing major but a flared out seal probably would've mad ... Read More
Craig H.
( Tuttle, OK )
5 / 5
7 July 2017
UnderCover Ridgelander 2017 F-150
Bad to the bone! Very durable, Very versatile!
Patrick W.
2011 Ford F-150
4.8 / 5
9 August 2020
Instructions were good but the online installation video was a great help.
Robert B.
2020 Toyota Tacoma
4.8 / 5
29 June 2020
Great looking cover, not difficult to install.
Dennis S.
2020 Toyota Tacoma
4.8 / 5
22 January 2020
Rugged, dependable, quality and it looks awesome!!!
Adam M.
2015 GMC Sierra 1500
4.3 / 5
5 August 2019
Installation instructions could be improved...